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Chocolate packaging box considerations

The common chocolate packaging box packaging materials on the market are paper, plastic and metal. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the most popular ones are chocolate trays.
The reason for this, custom moon cake boxes should consider the following factors.
1、 chocolate as a kind of food, must be done with care in the choice of packaging, chocolate packaging box packaging must be considered to consider health, environmental protection, sealing and so on.
2、 when choosing the chocolate packaging box material should consider the environmental coordination of the material, try to use packaging materials that can prevent bacteria, mildew, moisture, and degradation.
3、choose the chocolate packaging box packaging materials should try to use a single material, and try to be lightweight, and these requirements are very suitable for the paper chocolate packaging box, on the one hand can reduce the cost of custom packaging box packaging, another It also reduces waste disposal costs.
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