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Hair extension box design color

      The exquisite and unique hair extension box can better display the product's own characteristics to female consumers. As we know, cosmetics generally rely on packaging to be better sold. So what kind of hair extension box is popular with female friends? - Packaging recommendations start from affecting the color that female friends like for hair extension box.
    According to the study of human eye movements, people's response to color is the fastest. Therefore, the choice of hair extension box color is very important. As a professional packaging designer, you should have a blend of color contrasts to make it lively and eye-catching in the store, and soft and not glaring when you buy it home. There is a clear distinction between women's preference for color and men. They are deeply attracted to a charming hair extension box. The pink series is a favorite color for female friends, but as a professional packaging designer, it is not only to make the packaging pink, because the cosmetics have light makeup and heavy makeup, so the color of the packaging should also be divided. The above is only a personal opinion.
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