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  1. Two materials for the rigid box

    With the rise of paper packaging materials for packaging manufacturers, more and more paper packaging materials have been continuously developed, and strive to

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  2. What are the benefits of cosmetic paper box packaging?

    The shape of cosmetic paper box packaging - women prefer paper box packaging with attractive appearance, visual characteristics and function. It is also easy to

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  3. The influence of cosmetics custom packaging box on shopping desire

    Today I mainly talk to you: How much influence does cosmetic packaging packaging have on shopping desire?
    Cute: Custom packaging box with favorite cartoon chara

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  4. Characteristics of various materials chocolate box

    Iron chocolate box features: the material is mainly tinplate, the shape is round, square, long, heart, hexagon, etc., the style is divided into heaven and

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  5. Chocolate packaging box considerations

    The common chocolate packaging box packaging materials on the market are paper, plastic and metal. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the most p

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  6. Hair extension box design color

    The exquisite and unique hair extension box can better display the product's own characteristics to female consumers. As we know, cosmetics generally rely

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  7. Paper box packaging brings economic benefits to enterprises

    Paper box packaging is actually a box for packaging goods. It is mainly used in tobacco, food, medicine, daily chemicals and other industries. Today, the deman

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  8. Printing quality of wine box

    The printing of the wine box can be completed through multiple processes, and each process can directly affect the quality of the wine box. Therefore, the wine

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  9. Paper gift box

    The paper gift box is to be stylishly integrated with the ingenious design, innovation and inspiration, so that the paper gift box will be particularly prominen

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  10. Watch box also needs innovation

    We must rationally use the psychological laws of consumers to seize the point of sale to improve sales efficiency.
    The watch box is just a marketing tool for th

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  11. Custom packaging box adapts to new changes in the market

    Custom packaging box, as its name implies, is a box for packaging a wide variety of products. Now custom packaging box has been widely used in various industrie

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  12. The benefits of paper box packaging

    Paper box packaging is a very common form of packaging that can be seen in all walks of life. So, what advantages does this package have, making it popular?

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  13. Magnetic gift box increases the value of goods

    No matter how good the product is, there is no external packaging box, then it will appear off the grade. If there is a beautiful magnetic gift box to set off t

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  14. ain application areas of paper box packaging

    Paper box packaging is not uncommon in our daily life. Modern people's requirements for product packaging are constantly improving, and paper box packaging is

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  15. Watch box anti-counterfeiting technology

    With the requirement of property rights, many manufacturers attach great importance to the patent requirements of products. Therefore, for the benefit of c

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  16. About the form of anti-counterfeiting packaging design of custom packaging box

    With the development of anti-counterfeiting technology and the increasing anti-counterfeiting requirements of .custom packaging box packaging, anti-counterfeiti

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  17. What is the wine box

    The set wine box is also a gift box wine box, which is mainly used for gift giving, and the grade is relatively embarrassing. The gifts in the liquor packag

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  18. Indentation problem of magnetic gift box

    The pressure of the magnetic gift box is not uniform. We know that indentations are line marks caused by folding, squeezing or wrinkling. The whole process of

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  19. Paper box packaging and plastic packaging comparison and advantages and disadvantages

    Paper box packaging and plastic packaging are indispensable in the modern packaging industry. Paper box packaging is relatively expensive compared to plastic pa

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  20. Paper box packaging indentation technology

    With the development of society and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumers in the purchase of goods, in addition to the intrinsic q

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  21. Paper gift box combination process considerations

    (1) When the paper gift box is combined, the four corners of the carton must be tight and seamless, and the four corners and the upper side should be flush. If

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  22. Chocolate packaging box process points

    Molding and kneading paper is the most demanding and cumbersome process in the process of chocolate packaging box. Only serious and responsible in the productio

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  23. Chocolate packaging box and design

    We must clearly design the chocolate packaging box to promote the sale and protection of chocolate. It is never as simple as thinking about it. A chocolate pack

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  24. Paper gift box design and designer

    Paper gift box is everywhere in modern people's life. It can be seen that paper gift box plays an extremely important role in the whole marketing process. Paper

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