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The influence of cosmetics custom packaging box on shopping desire

Today I mainly talk to you: How much influence does cosmetic packaging packaging have on shopping desire?
Cute: Custom packaging box with favorite cartoon characters, strange packaging style, anthropomorphic, quasi-physical, colorful packaging and so on can stimulate consumers' desire to buy. The packaging idea is both fun and gives the packaging a more intimate function, so that consumers have a good experience.
Concise: Usually the simple and elegant design style is easy to highlight the product's clean, elegant and quality visual experience.
Practicality: If the custom packaging box of some products can do other storage and decoration functions after the product is used up, it will also give extra points to the product. Just like a mud film product seen by Xiaobian in the previous period, using a packaging material similar to porcelain, the shape is like a small flower pot, which has attracted the attention of many consumers to some extent.
When the phenomenon of homogenization in the cosmetics market becomes more and more serious, and the products become monotonous, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish between good and bad. Under this circumstance, many manufacturers began to shift their targets and work hard in the custom packaging box in order to achieve product differentiation and try to occupy a place in the market competition.
Therefore, how to let the custom packaging box pass more product information, and whether it can attract consumers' eyes with innovative and unique packaging is the key to stand out from many products. Breaking through the tradition only pays attention to the decorative design concept, and starts to be people-oriented, and from the perspective of consumers, launch humanized product packaging.
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