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The common box structure of gift packaging boxes?

 Product box design needs to have a novelty, although, now on the market, there are also many product boxes, but box printing in the selection of types need to be for their own product considerations, can not be too exaggerated to close to the actual product, consider the product audience crowd. Therefore, today we introduce several types of packaging boxes to his family.

Sliding drawer boxes


The box is shaped like a drawer, with a classic pull-out structure, consisting of a box body and a drawer box, which is easy to pull out and push closed, and is divided into two parts: the lid and the body. The box body, also called the outer box, is divided into two forms: one side open and two sides open. The double-layer structure of this type of box and the characteristics of the pull-out form, so solid and strong, easy to use.  

Sliding drawer boxes.jpg

Corrugated boxes


The corrugated boxes type is mainly used for packing some goods that are not too large and easy to transport. Its unfolded shape is more like an airplane, which gives it its name. It is a non-precision printing product, so it can't use too complicated patterns in the printing process, and the logo design should pay attention to the color not too much and too complicated; the weight is relatively heavy, and the volume is not too small, so it needs to be considered in terms of freight.

Corrugated boxes.jpg

Lid with base boxes


The lid with base boxes type is simpler than the flip box, folding box, drawer box, etc. Even the lid box type with the edge of the box is not complicated. The lid is usually a top lid and a bottom lid, and the top lid is completely or partially wrapped around the bottom lid, so it is very easy to open. Under the same conditions, the cost of making the lid is often lower than other box types. In addition, the advantage of separating the lid from the box greatly improves the weight-bearing performance of the box, which meets the basic needs of packaging and transportation.


Lid with base boxes.jpg


Product box design is now an important content that many businesses are more concerned about, mainly because there are more and more electronic products on the market now, and the competition is getting bigger and bigger. Packaging gift boxes can play a certain value-added role, the same commodity in the gift box packaging and not gift box packaging there is a considerable difference, from the sales side, a good gift box packaging can promote the enjoyment; from the point of view of market competitiveness, the use of gift box packaging can then improve the competitiveness of similar goods, enhance consumer desire to buy; from the perspective of gift giving, can enhance the taste more dignified.


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