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What are the benefits of cosmetic paper box packaging?

The shape of cosmetic paper box packaging - women prefer paper box packaging with attractive appearance, visual characteristics and function. It is also easy to handle, store, and open and close. The survey shows that the cover that controls the amount of product dispensed is a very important packaging feature that women appreciate. Of course, this factor is also very important. When designing packaging related to women, remember that the shape will affect whether there are positive purchasing decisions. If the shape of the product is not ergonomically ergonomic, or if it is difficult to carry or carry the package, it is more difficult to sell to female consumers.
The image of a cosmetic product - image support and often determines the audience of a product. Product image and paper box packaging can help target specific markets for products, and of course specific groups of people, women, upper classes, related ages, and more.
Cosmetic paper box packaging text - a standard that affects whether women will like it is the popular and legible character of the packaged text. A variety of consumer surveys have recently shown that the easy-to-read text on the product packaging can help your product get attention and the resulting purchasing behavior.
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