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At DHP Factory, design can be changed as per clients' requirements, the quality is consistent. We offer a full spectrum of packaging boxes solutions from custom gift boxes, paper boxes, leather boxes, foldable boxes, round boxes, chocolate boxes, wine boxes, perfume boxes, watch boxes, apparel boxes, cosmetic boxes retail & wholesale boxes, earphone boxes, flower boxes, cardboard boxes. Custom is the name of our advantages, and each product can be fully personalized with many custom rigid boxes materials to choose from. Browse our large selection of styles and box types to find the perfect match for you. We also provide one-stop service from designing, printing, handicraft processing, packing, to logistics service!




DHP FACTORY employees are trained professionally for competency. Our experienced team is skilled in the selection and management of our supply base. We conduct detailed audits assessing a wide range of criteria from production capabilities to material and social compliance before qualifying an ’DHP Factory’. Thereafter a factory will only be considered for a project once its passes our sampling evaluations. Key to our success is the strong in-house quality control team that we employ. While it is obviously important that factories themselves demonstrate good quality control capabilities, having our own DHP teams in place to supervise production lines and verify output is vital to achieving the standards that we, and our luxury brand owning client, expect. We are demanding and firm with our factories, but we also value their loyalty and commitment – building relationships based on mutual respect is essential to success within the markets in which we operate.

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Do you need printed packaging boxes? How can a leading custom gift box manufacturer provide you printing solutions that suit your needs? Not only do we promise quality assurance, we also work with you to create the best possible outcome imagined. Combine this with our dedication to high quality printing and die cutting, and you will have no issues creating exactly the custom printed boxes you have imagined. DHP Factory also offers consultations, design and development assistance, and prototyping. We care the design for outside the box, but never forget what's inside it.

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Turn Your Packaging Idea Into A Reality. Our extensive experience has allowed us to gain deep insights into both the categories in which we operate, and into the role of branding and brand messages. We fully understand the important contribution that our final product will make in enabling our clients to achieve their commercial objectives and are able to propose a variety of options to suit various budgets. We keep a firm grasp on practical realities. This is what separates us from traditional design agencies. So, whilst creativity and imagination are paramount, commercial requirements and constraints are nonetheless accounted for when proposing designs or responding to design execution needs.

DHP Factory offer a bespoke Design Service to produce the perfect Packaging for your products and our Team of Engineers will talk you through your Design and offer Key Advice during prototyping. One of the cornerstone objectives of our business is to be hyper-responsive to our clients' needs and requests. We pride ourselves on strong relationships with clients built on mutual trust, respect, and delivery. We are continually striving to increase our global footprint, so that we can continue to provide this level of service as our business grows. We are glad to show you Full Production Lines to make sure every Details is Correct for production.

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